Winterhart Studios & Anne-Sophie Engelhardt  

I was born in Hildesheim in 1994 and went to school as the youngest of three siblings. My focus in high school was always on the areas of art and music. In 2015 I completed my apprenticeship as a tailor and fashion designer in Hanover. Since Hamburg has always fascinated me, I successfully completed my illustration studies at BTK-Hamburg in 2019 and have been working as a freelance illustrator since then. Now I live in the Hamm district with my faithful companion, my dog Timmy.

Plants have always been a big part of my life and because in the nature of plants "Winterhart" stands for robustness, strength, resilience and resilience, I founded my studio in 2021 called "Winterhart Studios".

Although I mostly draw and work digitally with the Ipad, I love painting with acrylic paint and printing techniques such as screen printing. My style is colourful, striking and diverse with a high recognition value. 

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Anne-Sophie Engelhardt Illustration

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