Winterhart Studios & Anne-Sophie Engelhardt  

I was born in 1994 in a small town named Hildesheim in Germany as the youngest of my siblings and also went to school there. My focus in high school always was in the areas of art and music. In 2015 I completed my apprenticeship as a tailor and fashion designer in Hanover but I since I always enjoyed illustrating more than designing I decided to study illustration. Since I always loved Hamburg, the harbor and the people I decided to move there in 2015 and successfully completed my illustration studies in 2019.

Now I work an live in the distric Hamm with my faithful companion, my dog Timmy who's always there with me and a good reason to get of the desk and take a walk to think about projects and new ideas. 

Plants have always been a big part of my life and because I love everything that's green and growing. In the nature of plants "Winterhart" stands for robustness, strength, resilience and resilience, and because these are all attributes that I identify with I founded my studio called "Winterhart Studios" in 2021. 

Although I mostly draw and work digitally with the Ipad, I love painting with acrylic paint and printing techniques such as screen printing. My style is colourful, striking and diverse with a high recognition value. 

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Anne-Sophie Engelhardt Illustration